"STEGO est une équipe."
Ensemble, Engagé, Gagnant

Atteindre nos objectifs
en respectant notre conduite

Toutes les activités et les règles du groupe STEGO sont basées sur des valeurs corporate connues de tous. Dans un contexte conmmercial en perpetuelle évolution et soumis à de fortes pressions, nos objectifs sont d'être une entreprise de qualité, soucieuse de l'environnement, adepte d'une politique de recyclage, et transparent sur ces valeurs comme sur notre code de conduite. Ce code a pour objectif la satisfaction du consommateur, la satisfaction de nos partenaires professionels et celle de nos collaborateurs.

Quality & Environmental Policy

A crucial factor to maintaining the contestability of the STEGO group is to ensure quality and environmental requirements of customers. At the same time it is necessary to organize the production of goods and services as efficient and economical as possible.


The following principles clarify our Quality & Environmental Policy:


The quality of our products and services enable us to meet the expectations of our customers and thus ensure our success.

Quality in terms of customer orientation is the top corporate objective. All activities within the company must be oriented towards the customer who ultimately decides the continued existence of the company (contestability).

The quality of our products and services improves continuously.

The Board of Management of STEGO Elektrotechnik GmbH determines the Quality & Environmental Policy which is binding for all STEGO employees, and ensures that it is carried out on all levels.

Environmental Protection

We have an obligation to the environment which means that all STEGO employees are to avoid or at least minimise any harmful environmental actions at their place of work (obligation for continuous improvement and avoidance of environmental pollution).

We are committed to observing, at the very least, the legal minimum environmental requirements.

The resources within the company must be utilised consistently, and the conservation of resources must be defined as a developmental target already during product development.


The implementation of a suggestion scheme serves as incentive for identification with the company and as a motivation to contributing to existing processes (awards, self-esteem, and motivation).

February 2012
Board of Management

Code of Conduct

Our Quality & Environmental Policy is completed by the Code of Conduct.

As a member of the ZVEI, STEGO Elektrotechnik GmbH has signed and is committed to the ZVEI Code of Conduct. To view the ZVEI Code of Conduct, please use the link below to go to their website. There you can find the ZVEI Code of Conduct in many languages for download

ZVEI Code of Conduct