Flat Enclosure Heater
RC 016 | 8W, 10W, 13W

  • Wider range of voltages for electrical connection
  • PTC heating element with dynamic response behaviour
  • Compact dimensions, example application: camera heater
  • High heating output per volume

The small and flat enclosure heater provides the best protection against condensation in small control cabinets, enclosures and installation spaces. The PTC heating element transmits its heat onto an anodised aluminium profile. The compact contact heater is designed for long-term use.

Operating voltageAC/DC 120-240 V¹ (min. 110 V, max. 265 V)
Heating elementPTC resistor - temperature limiting
Heater bodyaluminium, anodised
Connection2 x AWG 20 stranded wire, 300 mm (±8)
Mountingscrew fixing
Fitting positionvariable
Operating temperatureVDE: -45 to +70 °C (-49 to +158 °F)
UL: -45 to +40 °C (-49 to +104 °F)
Storage temperature-45 to +70 °C (-49 to +158 °F)
Operating/Storage humiditymax. 90% RH (non-condensing)
Protection type/Protection classIP40 / II (double insulated)
ApprovalsVDE, UL File No. E234324 (according to UL 508A, NITW File on request), EAC
Noteother voltages on request

¹ Operating with voltages below 140V AC/DC reduces heating performance by approx. 10%.

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Art. No.Heating capacity²Inrush current max.Recommended pre-fuse T (time-delay)Surface temperature (approx.)Weight (approx.)
01651.0-008W2.0 A2.0 A+150 °C20 g
01662.0-0010W2.5 A4.0 A+155 °C20 g
01673.0-0013W3.0 A4.0 A+170 °C20 g

² at +20°C (+68°F) ambient temperature

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Technical Drawing

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